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Does your office have slow or unstable Wi-Fi?

Wireless technology is moving fast and many offices in Essex are now running out-dated and slow Wi-Fi systems in need of an upgrade.

Essex Broadband can offer the right Wi-Fi solutions for the size of your business and number of employees as well as the size of your building or office.

No-one these days should put up with slow Wi-Fi speeds, patchy coverage or an un-stable connection while they are at work. In order to maximise the productivity of you and your employees, you need the most reliable business Wi-Fi in Essex.

Helping homeowners

We offer temporary broadband and Wi-Fi services to domestic and commercial clients.

If you have any problems in the home or office with your broadband and Wi-Fi services, then get in touch.

Extend your broadband today

Our team can extend your existing broadband to any out-buildings, either agricultural, commercial or residential properties. Furthermore, our high speed radio links can cover up to 15 miles with no speed loss.

Our team have great experience helping farmers to connect their existing broadband to any point on their land.

Partnering with quality brands


Good Wi-Fi installed in your home or place of work helps everything connect to the Internet. If you live or work in a busy place with lots of people coming and going, they all like to jump onto your network, so it’s good to have this system working with lightning speed and flawless reception. We help you get this right, so everyone is happy.


Essex Broadband can setup your home broadband to use very fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi signals. We install strong signals that go through the thickest of walls. This leaves you with the ability to attach all sorts of devices simultaneously such as wireless printers, iPads and Laptop computers.


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